Get into Construction FREE

Corona Virus has sparked the biggest spike in unemployment in over a decade creating an ‘employers’ marketplace with hundreds of applicants vying for one position.  While some industries such as travel and hospitality are struggling, others such as Construction and Home Entertainment are experiencing growth.  Now is the time to consider how you might make… Continue reading Get into Construction FREE


10 tips to making self-isolation work for contractors and the self-employed

Covid-19 is here, and self-isolation is in force. For the self-employed, contractor and small business owner, this term is synonymous with being unpaid, money worries and financial bootstrapping. It’s undeniable that self-isolation is an economic nightmare for us all, so how can we make the best of an undeniably miserable situation? Here we've listed our… Continue reading 10 tips to making self-isolation work for contractors and the self-employed

Introducing – The Building Inspector

Geoff Wilkinson, Managing Director, Wilkinson Construction Consultants I’m Geoff Wilkinson – Managing Director of Wilkinson Construction Consultants – we are Approved Inspectors offering an alternative to the Local Authority Building Control system. - what's the story behind your business/career? My dad was a builder so I was probably destined to go into construction. I remember… Continue reading Introducing – The Building Inspector

Women in Construction – IWD 2020

It’s International Women's Day on 8 March and at Youco part of our mission  is to challenge the diversity divide and reshape an industry which advocates for female empowerment, and gender and racial inclusion. So we thought for this blogpost we’d take a look at what the industry is doing to attract and support more… Continue reading Women in Construction – IWD 2020

Are you ready for Brexit?

New research compiled by legal charity The Aire Centre suggests that sectors employing Retail, Manufacturing, Construction and Factory workers are at risk unless they successfully encourage all their EU nationals to apply for the right to settle. Up to a third of UK-based EU nationals are yet to secure their UK settled status, risking the… Continue reading Are you ready for Brexit?